Modular Scaffold System – Cuplok Standards

Tube & Angle Bracket
Tube Bracket
0.29m / 1.45kg
Angle Bracket
0.29m / 2.05kg
Tube Bracket
0.56m / 6.39kg
Angle Bracket
0.56m / 7.60kg
Tube Bracket
0.79m / 7.64kg
Angle Bracket
0.79m / 9.40kg

Additional information

Tube Bracket 0.29m - 0.79m

0.29m / 1.45kg, 0.56m / 6.39kg, 0.79m / 7.64kg, none

Angle Bracket 0.29m - 0.79m

0.29m / 2.05kg, 0.56m / 7.60kg, 0.79m / 9.40kg, none


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