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D-Fence, a unique product that offers the highest-level security protection with minimal maintenance or damage to the environment. D-Fence offers a large range of systems that can be adapted to anything from homes, airports, government buildings, power plant. A sophisticated electronic remote-control system which indicates the precise location of any intrusion attempt. All of our products are tamper resistant, immune to changes in the environment and provide zero false alarms. We also have a life-time warranty on all our products.

D-fence Embedded Applications:

Different Fence Designs


Airport Security

The security and protection of airports is one of the most challenging subjects for Security Experts around the world. The combination of technology and personnel in a noisy and dynamic environment constitutes a very big technological challenge because of the need to create systems that integrate multiple technologies, in several security circles. D-Fence has developed and created the First Circle, a very important circle that encloses the airport along very big lengths. The systems withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as the noise from airplanes, shock waves, vibrations and tremors, RF transmission, etc. The experience accumulated in this field and the products developed by D-Fence can be used by architects and security integrators with the objective to provide protection and security to airports around the world.


Antenna & Telecomm Station Security

The issue of providing protection for remotely located installations, big or small, like Cellular Antennae, civil or military Telecommunication Stations, Electrical towers and posts, etc., that are frequently exposed to vandalism by hostile elements, terrorist activities or criminal elements. Disabling or damaging them can cause heavy damages like communication blackouts or disruption in the electricity supply as well as damages on a national political level. D-Fence has developed security systems that are vandalism proof in several levels, that include perimeter protection for these installations in several “security circles”, according to the level of threat. The systems include electronic fences, electronic bolts and anti-vandalism gates.


Banks, Financial Institutions & Vaults

Banks and Financial Institutions, in general, have today a high level of security. D-Fence has systems that can improve the existing security infrastructure, creating a double layer of security, including increased protection for vaults and mandatory access ways, protection against excavations and tunnels, and protection against breaking in through walls.


Factories & Industrial Installations

Around most factories and industrial installations, the perimeter fences that have been installed were chosen by architects or other designers, according to the nature of the region or even the country where they are located. Most of these perimeter fences are exposed and can be very easily bypassed. For this purpose, D-Fence has developed the “Upgrade” system, that allows implementing in a very simple, easy and in a modular way our unique electronic fencing systems into the existing fences, using an “Open Design” concept and allowing to improve the security level in an ultimate way, while completely integrating into the existing infrastructure.


Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms

The task to provide security and protection for offshore oil and gas platforms, which recently are under constant terror and other security threats, gave rise to the need to find creative solutions because of their location deep in areas with high corrosion and extremely harsh environmental conditions. In order to prevent approaching or infiltrations attempts to the platform by boats, or attempts to damage or to gain access to the physical structure of the platform, D-Fence has developed a protection enclosure that provides the solutions that will allow the decision makers to make use of them according to the level of threats.


Prisons & Jails

The subject of detention and incarceration has become, with the years passing, a global problem. From Federal to privately operated prisons, as well as detention centers for refugees, all of them require the most strict security measures. D-Fence has developed systems that provide a complete response, both in terms of upgrading old and obsolete systems, and in terms of providing an environment that allows for complete protection and for a sense of security without compromises. We are talking about systems that are decorative, aesthetic, eco-friendly, that are not electrical, yet provide the highest level of security. These systems present a change in the architectural concept of prisons and jails, and provide a more pleasant feeling without a compromise in the security or the detection levels.


Private villas, Houses & Home



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