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Pressure locked gratings are the most frequently used grating types today. They are used in the industrial and construction sectors and increasingly in the architectural sector.

In the manufacturing of pressure locked gratings, unweakened cross bars are pressed into specially slotted bearing bars at high pressure. Lichtgitter manufactures up to 3,500 different types of pressure locked gratings made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum on its flexible production facilities.


Pressure-locked Gratings

Apart from the use in the industrial and construction sector, Lichtgitter gratings are also increasingly used in architectural applications .

Pressure-locked gratings are manufactured from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Pressure-locked gratings are bound either with flat material, two stiffening corrugations or T-profile. On our flexible production plants, we can manufacture the most varied pressure-welded grating types.

  • Good light and air permeability
  • Countless applications
  • High load capacity at low weight
  • More than 3.500 different pressure-locked grating types
  • Various materials possible


Heavy Duty Gratings

When correctly dimensioned, Lichtgitter heavy duty gratings are suitable for carrying extremely high loads and are mainly used in trafficable areas.

Pressure-welded gratings are particularly suitable as a heavy-duty grating. Depending on static or dynamic loading, heavy duty gratings can be manufactured for many applications depending on the clear span. We recommend that you allow our experienced structural engineers who are familiar with the product to calculate special load cases.

  • high load capacity
  • good light and air permeability
  • different pitches and bearing bar heights possible
  • additional serration on request


Full Cell Gratings

As decorative or functional design elements such as ceiling panels, handrail infil, sun protection, so-called full cell gratings are particularly useful, i.e. pressure-locked gratings in which all bearing bars and cross bars have the same height.

Full cell gratings are generally manufactured in a material thickness of 2 mm and 3 mm up to a maximum height of 100 mm with various mesh pitches.

  • same height of bearing bars and cross bars
  • Binding: two stiffening corrugations, flat material or T-profile
  • good light and air permeability
  • various materials possible
  • countless applications


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