Marine Scaffolding project


Project Information:

Scaffolding erection for tank inspection and repair works onboard LNG vessel in Shipyard. Providing heavy duty loading scaffolding for access-way to support the automatic welding equipment.

We faced challenges during the erection due to stainless steel material (protection required) inside the tank shell and stabilise the scaffolds on slope bottom to prevent sliding.

Scaffolding material used: HAKI system. – Haki Loading Tower



Karish Topside M03 (Separation 2nd Train) : we provided scaffolding services from 08 Jan 2019 to 31/12/2020. Size of module 14m x 20m x 20mH. This is one of the modules for Karish & Tanin FPSO, currently constructing in SMIY AY2.
Karish Project Living Quarters : we were awarded a contract to provide scaffolding services from 08 Feb 2019 to 28 Feb 2020. Size of LQ 51m x 19m x 53mH. The block sections of this LQ was constructed at SMIY AY2 in Hull Workshop 06 and assembled at berth 09 before lifting onto the new Hull of Karish & Tanin FPSO.
Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm (Shunt Reactor) : we received a contract to provide scaffolding services from 07 Jan 2020 to 31 Mar 2021 for 5 nos. Reactors & Transformers in Shop 6. These Reactors & Transformers will be lifted & installed in Topsides RCS & OCS at berth 09.
LNG Tanker Lerici : in Aug 2017, we erected with our Haki Universal Modular Scaffold in Tank no. 3 for internal stainless steel repairs using automatic welding equipment (weighs 200kg) travelling along our Haki scaffold. The schedule to complete full erection of scaffold was 21 days including PE inspections, testing & endorsement.
Welding Shelter in Keppel : constructed a welding shelter for exotic welding in a control humidity environment, over a Gantry crane of 12m high.