BN-OF (Fire-Retarding Covering Type)


Transformers in outdoor installations are an important part of our industry to grant the electric power supply. We use transformer oil as cooling for these installation parts. External influences (f. ex. lightning) and there could damage the transformer by the free-flowing oil could pollute the groundwater. Therefore there is a pan installed underneath the transformer wherein the oil and rain or fire water can be collected in case of disturbances and leakages.

To suffocate the flames in case of a fire in the collecting pan, use transformer coverings.



Fire-retarding coating BN-OF was form as a substitute to the traditional coverings. The principle is the well-known perforated metal plank type BN-O, which Lichtgitter is manufacturing and distributing for quite some years. Leading type BN-OF is suitable as a covering for the grease gathering pans beneath the transformer units. In case of fire the flames are prevented by the restricted air permeability, but not squelched.

  • better and quicker control of the collecting pan
  • shorter switch-off period of the transformer
  • optimum flow time speed of oil, tempering and rain water
  • quick possibility to remove the liquid out of the collection pan
  • in case of fire in the collecting pan, this system can contain and delay
  • serial production–short delivery times
  • high safety level during maintenance operations
  • existing installations can be rebuilt without problems
  • the covering is especially suited for locations where in case of an accident the rescue service can be immediately at site.


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