Youngman Adjusta Minit – Height Adjustable Work Platform

The Adjusta-Minit provides a safe, secure and stable work platform that is adjustable to give four different working heights. The Adjusta-Minit is ideal as a versatile trade quality tool.

Ideal versatile products in the Youngman podium ladder range. Simple to fold and unfold, it is the safest, quickest and most efficient way to work at lower heights. The podium requires no assembly and can be lifted and locked into position with three simple clicks.

Castor wheels allow for easy movement around the site, while the podium can be raised to three platform heights between 0.41m and 1.25m. This provides a platform with a safe working load capacity of 150Kg, sufficient for the average user and their tools.


  • Secure – Ensure safety on your site with this clever design that prevents movement while the ladder is in use. Lockable castors give you the confidence to work.
  • Extending base – Telescopic stabilisers for extra stability.
  • Transportable: Lockable castor wheels allow movement around the site and through doorways.
  • Stable –A generous 600mm x 600mm platform supports up to 150Kg
  • A slim width of 0.730m – Passes through a standard door saving unnecessary reassembly.
  • Compact in storage mode – Easy to transport in a hatchback car or small van.
  • No complicated attachments – Easy one-piece construction, eliminating parts loss.
  • Self locking knuckle joints and foot controlled lever – Allows assembly in seconds and easy adjustment for different platform heights. Foot lever can be locked to avoid accidental activation.
  • Locking gated guardrail – Allows easy access to platform. Can be released after user is in work position to provide complete security/safety. Also provides handrail when climbing onto platform.


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