GRP Railings – Lichtgitter


Lichtgitter GRP-Railings are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced GRP-Profiles. These are characterised by their good chemical resistance. A square tube is used as post, the knee rail consists of a round tube, the handrail is ergonomically shaped and the toe plate can be made in 100 or 150 mm height.  Based on the existing profiles, the railings can be customized.  

The railings are delivered completely preassembled or in individual parts where the posts are cutted and drilled. The kneerails, handrail and toe plate are supplied in standard lengths for on-site adaptation. 


GRP-Railingystem used in a power plant

GRP-Railing with rods as elements.


  • Construction acc. to EN ISO14122-3
  • good chemical resistance
  • low tare weightt
  • adaptable
  • standard colour grey similiar to RAL7035
  • Fire class B2


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