Birdcage Scaffold Haki

HAKI Universal is unbeatable for building birdcage scaffolds, for high level access.

Birdcage scaffolds are typically used in buildings where access is required, at high levels, for example ceilings. The birdcage is an independent scaffold consisting of more than two rows of standards in both directions connected by ledger beams at every lift height. The top lift is decked to form the access platform for work.

Using HAKI Universal, birdcage scaffolds can be quickly constructed with more than one lift height or single lift. Several scaffolding bays can be joined together to provide large areas of continuous access. Sections can be partly decked for speed and economy.

Safe system of work

The HAKI Advanced Guard Rail (AGR) offers a totally safe system of work, meaning independent scaffolds and other structures can be erected using collective measures in accordance with the NASC SG4:15. Using the AGR tool, a permanent guard rail can be erected before decking out a bay on a subsequent lift.

The simple ‘hook-on’ and spring-lock catch mechanism of HAKI Universal means there are no loose or small fittings and minimal moving parts to the structure. This reduces the risk of component displacement and falling materials – protecting both workers and wider public from injury.

Board supports can also be positioned anywhere on the scaffolding structure, so a close, flush boarded platform is possible. This also contributes to reducing the danger of trips and falls.

For those new to the Universal system, product training and technical on-site support are available to ensure safe and efficient erection of all HAKI solutions, including birdcage scaffolds.

Reduce costs through speed and adaptability

Unique to Universal system is the HAKI Ledger Beam. Load-bearing connections can be made horizontally and vertically anywhere along its length, and combined with the HAKI Universal Beam Rider, returns and in-fills can be created at any point, as well as allowing ‘fly past’ at corners. This results in maximized bay lengths up to 3.05m, which reduces erection times and installation costs.

Useful videos:

How to build a bay using the HAKI Universal scaffolding system

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