Hakitec Shelter


  • Controls environments where contaminated substances are being used or humidity regulation is required
  • Mobile option gives flexibility to location of cover
  • Quick to install with very few components
  • Option of 4 widths and can be built to almost any length
  • Projects continue on-schedule irrespective of weather conditions

The HAKITEC Shelter offers mobile protection when carrying out operations such as pouring concrete, handling hazardous materials, or for temporary shelter during events.

Quick to install, the shelter alternative to the HAKITEC roof range lets projects continue 24:7:356 regardless of adverse or humid weather, by creating a controlled work environment.

The HAKITEC Shelter use aluminium beams and can be built to any length in 3.05m lengths using tension and sheeting bars, tension tubes and a pulling device. They are available in 4 widths: 6.8m, 8.8m, 11.2m and 14.6m.

The temporary shelter can be built in-situ or craned into position. Although available as a static unit, the mobile, wheeled option gives the freedom to move the shelter to where it is required at any given time.


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