Flame-Retarding Covering Type BP-H


Transformers in outdoor installations are an important part of our industry to grant the electric power supply. Transformer oil is used as cooling for these installation parts. The transformer could be damaged by external influences (f. ex. lightning) andthereby the free-flowing oil could pollute the groundwater. Therefore there is a pan installed underneath the transformerwherein the oil and rain or fire water can be collected in case ofdisturbances and possible leakages.

To suffocate the flames in case of a fire in the collecting pan, you have to use transformer coverings. Lichtgitter offers two differents types of these coverings.



In order to smother the flames in the catch pans in the case of a possible fire in a transformer, the Lichtgitter perforated metal plank type BP-H was developed with welded woven wire mesh and a foam glass granulate filling. The suitability of this cover system has been demonstrated in several in-house and external tests.

  • better and quicker control of the collecting pan
  • shorter switch-off period of the transformer
  • lower assembly and disassembly time
  • optimum flow time speed of oil, tempering and rain water
  • the filled loose material (glass foam granulate) is moisture resistant, fire-proof and stable to temperatures up to 600°. It is awarded for its environmental friendliness.
  • quick possibility to remove the liquid out of the collection pan
  • this system would stifle possibly beginning fire
  • serial production – short delivery times
  • high safety level during maintenance operations
  • existing installations can be rebuild without problems
  • the covering is especially suited for locations where in case of an accident the rescue service cannot be immediately at site


For more detail information of the product, please refer to www.lichtgitter.com



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