Haki Loading Tower

HAKI supplies loading towers specifically designed for strength and stability to preserve the safety of site workers and eliminate the risk of falls from height involving materials or personnel.

The HAKI Loading Tower comprises prefabricated safety gates and is built utilizing the 7–10 standard components from the HAKI Universal range. HAKI Loading Towers are also fully compatible with other industry standard loading bay gates.

Safe retrieval of goods

Different to other scaffold loading towers, the prefabricated gates and side panels of the HAKI Loading Tower can only be opened from inside the main platform thus eliminating possible damage through abuse. It is simply drawn back, with the locking-catch automatically reengaging upon doing so; as shown in the video below. Extended legs also remove the danger of trapping feet or other items under the gate.

The design of the loading tower also eliminates the need for toe boards and brick guards and allows the safe and easy retrieval of materials in the loading area, without the risk of working near an exposed edge and falling from height.


Innovative design 

Strong and robust, the HAKI Loading Tower caters for impact loading caused by fork lift or crane. Available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m heights, on 4 legs, the innovative design enables repeated setup, removal and use in various locations on a site which can be used on multiple floor level structures. It is capable of a small footprint of 3.05m x 1.655m and can be operated by a single person.

Design conditions

Base jacks: The loading tower is erected on base jacks of type BS, which are adjustable between 55-570mm. If greater adjustment is needed, the base jacks should be lowered and the beams connected to the next group of pockets.

Standards: Standards of length 3000 and 2000mm are normally used in the loading tower.

Bracing & tying-in: It is important to ensure that the tower is square. When starting, use plan brace at base lift. To ensure tower is square, re-use plan brace at the loaded level. The loading tower should be tied at all levels using tube & load bearing couplers from both the inside and outside standard. At each loaded level, ‘wing’ bracing should be fitted using tube & load bearing couplers.


Maximum tower loadings

With Knee Braces: 15kN/m2 / 75kN UDL

Without Knee Braces: 5kN/m2 / 25kN UDL


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