Hakitec Roof

The HAKITEC 750 Roof can be quickly assembled to provide robust weather protection and covering for medium and large sites.

Summary of benefits:

  • Safe methods of erection from scaffolder safe zone, including innovative roll-out approach
  • Robust 750mm aluminium beam for large spans over extended periods of time
  • Option of 15° or 22.5° pitch, polygonal or monopitched roof
  • Specialized, heavily reinforced LD polythene sheeting, meeting LPS
  • Reusable components with other HAKI structures
  • Can be adapted to all types of buildings, ships, and construction sites
  • Improved worker well-being
  • Reduced risk of moisture damage to buildings
  • Projects continue on-schedule irrespective of weather conditions

Choice of erection method

Unlike most other temporary roof systems, the HAKITEC 750 uses very few components; making it simple to build in-situ from a scaffolder safe zone or crane into position if space is available.

An innovative roll-out method of erection is also popular with the HAKITEC 750. This ensures safe erection from secure, guarded platforms and removes the need for scaffolders to venture onto roof trusses. Collective fall prevention is used throughout erection with this method.

HAKITEC 750 temporary roof – Safe roll-out method of erection

Xervon uses HAKI Universal and HAKITEC 750


Strong beams for large spans

Using a strong aluminium lattice beam that is 750mm deep, the HAKITEC 750 can be easily tailored so roof trusses cover superior spans and give a gable roof pitch of 15° or 22.5°. The system can also be used for either a polygonal or monopitched roof.

The beams have been designed to provide extremely strong structures with large spans and have a long-service life, for projects that continue over extended periods of time or use in other jobs.

Robust sheeting

Equally as robust is the HAKITEC traditional sheeting and HAKI Trak. The traditional sheeting made of heavily reinforced LD polythene, cut to size, and suitably fixed to braced guardrail frames with fixing beams to avoid any leaks.

Alternatively, the HAKI Trak offers extremely hard-wearing sheeting that is very easy to fit with keeder beading and aluminium tracks. This type of sheeting is manufactured in fixed lengths but can easily be provided with extra pockets for greater flexibility.  The tracks are tailored to the length of the lattice beams and fixed with track clamp saddles and spring pints. They are then joined using track joint plates and seals. A ridge roller is then fitted at the ridge for simpler fitting and stretching of the sheeting. A 24m sheet can then be used on foods with widths from 18-24m several times in succession.

Safe from displacement

Like all other HAKI scaffolding and temporary access solutions, the HAKITEC range uses the unique ‘hook on’ locking catch system. This means the prefabricated components are not at risk of displacement and can also be re-utilized in other HAKI structures.

For smaller projects, downsize to the HAKITEC 450 Roof with the same great benefits of the HAKITEC 750. This uses our 450mm aluminium beams.


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