Haki Suspended Scaffold

For safety and speed, you can’t beat the HAKI Universal for suspended scaffolding. Our innovative scaffolding system allows scaffold to be suspended from a ‘scaffolder safe zone’, using collective measures – minimizing the danger of falls in high-risk environments like offshore.

Suspend from any load-bearing structure

HAKI’s decades of experience within the offshore, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries has resulted in a unique range of suspension devices, which make it possible to suspend scaffolding from virtually any load-bearing structure.

Safe and simple erection of a complex structure

The usual dangers and challenges associated with erecting a suspended scaffold are eliminated with HAKI Universal.

The multi-functional ledger beam acts as a suspension device, so structures can be suspended from a safe zone. And the HAKI Advanced Guard Rail (AGR) can be combined with a double rider to provide leading-edge protection whilst bays are decked out and the second bay is lowered and hooked into place, so the risk of falls from height is minimized.

HAKI steel and aluminium decks also help to reduce the risk of slips and trips when working on the suspended scaffolds.

Fewer components and contact points

Constructed in both galvanized steel and aluminium, HAKI suspension solutions use fewer components compared to other systems available, with the benefit of reducing project timescales. They can also be up to 50-times lighter than our competitors, meaning significant reduction of loads into the structure.

Large 3.05m x 3.05m bays can be created using HAKI, with fewer contact points and components, meaning less time and effort to erect suspended scaffolds. And cold formed spigots provide full load-bearing connections between uprights, eliminating the need to use costly tube and fittings.

HAKI components can also carry load as soon as the hook has entered the pocket on a HAKI standard, whereas ring systems require the wedge to be fastened. This means just one person is required to mount a HAKI suspended scaffold, in comparison to the two needed when using a ring system.




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