Haki Compact Staircase Tower

With a footprint of 2.5m x 1.25m, the Compact Stair Tower is ideal for where space is a premium.

The temporary access solution has a 1kN/m² loading, suitable for light-duty applications, and allows for safe and comfortable access for approximately 1 person per lift.

Equally as adaptable as the larger HAKI Stair Tower, the Compact Stair Tower offers side and end exits and gives the option of 2m or 1.5m flight to first lift.

The Compact Stair Tower also uses non-slip treads and landings made with mesh grating to ensure safety; lowering the risk of slips and trips, whilst cleaning work boots to reduce site debris on the stair and working platform.

Like with the HAKI Stair Tower, the smaller Compact Stair Tower can also use a full toe-board system on any landing to lessen the chance of falling objects.

For more heavy-duty applications, the HAKI Stair Tower might be more suitable. This has a 4kN/m² loading capacity and offers a wider staircase.

Summary of main benefits:

  1. Small 2.5m x 1.25m footprint for tight spaces
  2. 1kN/m² loading for light-duty applications
  3. Advanced Guard Rail for collective measures and fall-prevention
  4. Slip-resistant treads and flush landings for reduced trip hazards
  5. Option of 2m or 1.5m flight to first lift and possible side and end exits
  6. Erect as independent entity or integrate into a scaffold
  7. Simple ‘hook-on’ locking catch system for quick erection
  8. Reusable components compatible with other HAKI solutions


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