Perforated Metal Planks Type BN-OP5


The perforated metal plank type BN-OP5 “Noppe, offen plus, 5mm“ was especially developed for pedestrian areas with „High Heel Proof“ requirements. The bothsided punched holes have a diameter of 5mm.

The punching sequence corresponds to BN-OP7. This type of planking offers high slip resistance and also allows ladies in stiletto heels to walk safely on the gratings. Due to the small hole configuration it is difficult to see through from underneath, which is important in public access areas. 

The perforated metal plank type BN-OP8, corresponds to type BN-OP5 in terms of the punching pattern, but have twice the number of holes. The drain holes have a diameter of 8 mm and thereby increase the drainage performance and light and air permeability..


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Perforated metal plank type BN-OP5                Perforated metal plank type BN-OP5 details



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