Enterprise and Industrial IoT

SenseGiz designs IoT products for enterprise,
security and real time tracking applications

SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT solutions for sensor based condition monitoring, security and real time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps. To help our customers increase their efficiency and reduce costs by monitoring the health of machines and track assets/people real-time.


Industries serve and outcome of the solutions


How its work




Gateway for COIN: Wifi, Ethernet, LTE

Wifi + BLE Gateway
• The Gateway used is a WiFi + BLE gateway built by SenseGiz.
• On the BLE side, the gateway is a part of the low power, point to point mesh network.

Ethernet + BLE Gateway
• Mostly used if the facility does not have Wi-Fi, does not permit or restrict the use of Wi-Fi.
• Our Ethernet Gateway can also store data on your cloud server using our platform.

4G / LTE Gateway for better connectivity

Cost Effective Solution
• One Gateway can support a mesh network of up to 100 COIN units.
• Multiple Gateways could be used to create a large network and all such Gateways can be linked to a central cloud.

• Monitor, manage, and analyze the Gateway and Coins from our user-friendly web panel.




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