Haki Public Access Tower

In line with the UK’s leading standards, the HAKI Public Access Stair complies with current building regulations to ensure safety of people when gaining access to and moving about in buildings.

With stair widths up to 2.5m and loadings up to 7.5 kN/m², the PAS can handle high volumes of footfall, accommodating up to approximately 36 people per lift at any one time. The steel structure is also robust enough to last long periods of time without replacement of components. This makes it an ideal temporary access solution in public spaces like railway stations, airports, sports stadiums, and schools.

Child-safe, adjustable handrails and slip-resistant solid steel decks have been specifically designed for the PAS to protect the public against falls from height when using the temporary staircase.

Like our other stair towers, various configurations are possible with the Public Access Stair – including in-line and spiral – allowing flexibility in design to suit project requirements. The PAS can also be combined with the HAKI Bridge System and Cladding to provide a temporary pedestrian bridge in projects.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Loading of up to 7.5kN/m² for high volumes of footfall at any one time
  • Stair widths up to 2.5m for comfortable access
  • Strong steel structure to withstand use for long periods of time
  • Child-safe, adjustable handrails to protect public
  • Slip-resistant solid steel decks instead of mesh grating
  • In-line and spiral configurations available to suit all applications
  • Easily combined with the HAKI Bridge System and Cladding to provide temporary footbridges
  • Advanced Guard Rail for collective measures during erection
  • Simple ‘hook-on’ locking catch system for quick erection
  • Reusable components compatible with other HAKI solution


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